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Tim's Page

Well, now I am on the edge of 39 and fast approaching 40. Damn, where does the time go. I don't feel old (although dealing with Gout and Ulcers this past few months make me rethink that).

Comprehensive Computing has been doing well this past year and we are amazed to look back and see we have been in business for over 4 years. We are looking to expand into another avenue of business. Philip and I along with our firend Kei Nishikowa are goign to be opening up an online fish store. This will be a place to buy Live Salt water and Fresh water fish. This online venture looks to be very lucrative and exciting.

What is my car situation you may ask......go ahead....ask. I really enjoyed the Porsche but eventually sold it as it was to much $$$ just sitting in the garage. I have the 02 X4 4.6is and the 03 M3 with SMG. Roxi is driving the Red Jetta GLI. So this will probably be it for a while but you never know.

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